St. Mary, Fumesua


When nana Prempeh I, Asantehene, returned from the Seychelles Island in 1924 after his “Deportation” culminating in the Yaa Asantewaa war of 1900, he had been transformed into an Anglican. He, therefore, took steps to instil Anglicanism into his subjects. Anglican churches were planted in many parts of the Asante Region.

Special emissaries were sent by nana Prempeh I to Fumesua to look into the possibility of establishing an Anglican Church there. At that time, there were fetishes in many houses in the village. The house of Opanin Kwadwo Nsiah, who was the uncle of late Lawyer Thomas Asamoah Totoe, was chosen because no fetish was in that house. Opanin Nsiah and his family embraced Christianity and agreed to help in establishing the Anglican Church at Fumesua. This explains the reason why Lawyer Totoe was sent to stay with father evans at the Anglican Mission in Kumasi.

Worship went on in the house of Opanin Nsiah with some converts until a church building was constructed in 1935. It is said that Nana Prempeh I deputed his sister, Nana Konadu Yiadom, Asantehemaa, to inaugurate the Church in 1935. It is also said that a special railway coach was arranged to convey some members of the Royal Family and others to inaugurate the church at Fumesua.

It is recalled that Fumesua was a thriving railway station from 1909 until the collapse of the railway system in Ghana in the 1990’s.

The church flourished at Fumesua and an English Church Mission School, now known as Anglican school, was established at Fumesua in1935. The church building was used as a classroom for the first batch of pupils.

The Church was put under St. Anne’s Church at Ashanti New Town, Kumasi, until 1976 when a Parish were Kwamo, Ejisu, Konongo-Odumasi and Bonwire. However, Bonwire seceded from the Parish to join the Juaben Parish. Konongo-Odumasi Church was elevated to a Parish about four years ago and the Parish now consists of only Fumesua, Kwamo and Ejisu.

The primary school established in 1935 became a middle school in1950 and was transformed in to a junior secondary school in 1988. Many people have gone through the school and become successful, one of them being Dr. R. B. Turkson formerly of the University Of Ghana Law Faculty.   

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