St. Paul, Tepa



FOUNDERS: The following were said to be the founders of the Church between 1930 to 1940.


      1.            Mr. Haywood

      2.            Mr. Arthur

      3.            Mr. Edwrad Owusu

      4.            Mr. Ebenezer Atta Aseidu

The founders built the Church through hard work in the early thirties.

The priest in charge was Rev. Fr. Evans (Whiteman) in 1938, from Kumasi. One Mr. Abraham Kwame Acheampong now blind said he was a Mass Servant in 1938 when the visiting Priest came from Kumasi and Kenyasi.

In the beginning, visiting priests from B.A. Kenyasi were occasionally present. Some of them were Late Rev. Fr. Anim and Late Rev. Fr. B. B. O. Bewaji who is now known as late Provost B.B. O. Bewaji of blessed memory in the early sixties.

The following were the visiting Priest and Catechists who did well to lift the image of the Church in the Kumasi Diocese in Tepa.


  1. Mr. P. M. Darko- Catechists
  2. Rev. Fr. Albert Kwasi Mensah-1991(Provost A. K. Mensah)
  3. Late Rev. Fr. Addai Boating
  4. Late Rev. Fr. P. A. Aggrey (Began As A Catchist-Tepa)
  5. Catechist J. K. Mensah(Now Ven. Mensah)1981-1986
  6. Rev. Fr. E.K. Acheampong 1986-1990
  7. Rev. Fr. Edmund Ekye 1990-1994
  8. Rev. Fr. E. A. Nsaih 1994-1998
  9. Rev. Fr. Jones Kwakye 1998-2002
  10. Rev. Fr. William Nkrumah 2002-2006
  11. Rev. Fr. Samuel Kyei Manuh 2006-2009

Presently Madam Particia Mary Aidoo has been the practicing Catechist from 1986-2009.

Present People’s Warden Mr. Edward Owusu Pipim and Priest Warden Mr. Peter Boadi

Baptism from 1981 to 2006    257

Baptism from 1981to 2006     257

Baptism from 2006 to 2009    63

Roll of membership – 2009     200

Men                                         50

Women                                    90

Children                                  60


Outstation: Boagya-Jerusalem Church

The founder was Late Mr. James Kwabena Manu and family from 1985 to date. It is a family church in the rural area. 

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